About Us

We are a couple of treat loving bakers who are improving the way we sustain ourselves with a range of innovative new vegan snack bars, made using only the best nutrient rich organic ingredients.  

It all started at the allotment. Seeing the way things are done down there made us reflect on the quality of the food available to us during our day jobs and the kinds of waste this produces. 

It doesn’t have to be this way.  

We look to tackle damage to farmland and remove the plastic pollution generated by the mainstream “on the go” food industry. We do this by focusing on the ethical quality and materials used by of all our suppliers, and by shipping our Move bars in recycled paper and foil, which can be easily seperated for recycling.

We care about reducing our impact. So everything we use, from preserves to nut butters, are made from the raw ingredients, which are delivered to us in biodegradable packaging. We produce our Move Bars out of the registered kitchen at Platt Fields Market Garden in Manchester. 

All our products are 100% organic as well as dairy, wheat, gluten & refined sugar free. So whether you're after some quick energy during a busy day, or are looking for a genuinely satisfying, healthier alternative to other sweets, give our move bars a try.